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DJ Kool Herc (born Clive Campbell) is a Jamaican-American DJ from The Bronx in New York. DJ Kool Herc has a net worth of $100,000. He was originally born in Jamaica, and his music legacy plays a huge role in Hip-Hop music today. People credit him with starting Hip-Hop music in America, yet DJ Kool Herc’s net worth is rather low compared to other musicians out there.

Net Worth$100,000
Full NameClive Campbell
Birth DateApril 16, 1955
Birth PlaceKingston, Jamaica
Major Source of Net WorthScreen Appearances and Music

Early Life

Clive was born on April 16, 1955, in Kingston, Jamaica. DJ Kool Herc is the oldest of his five siblings. 

Growing up in Jamaica, DJ Kool Herc was surrounded by music and listened to DJs perform at neighborhood parties in Kingston. He moved to the Bronx, NY, at the age of 12, where he visited Alfred E. Smith Career and Technical Education High School in The Bronx. 

As a young man, DJ Kool Herc had a large stature and affectionately gained the nickname “Hercules” from his classmates and basketball teammates. Over time, and after a run-in with some bullies at his high school, he was adopted by a Black nationalist group in New York called the Five Percenters

His newfound friends helped teach the young immigrants knowledge of America’s street culture. 

DJ Kool Herc was always into art. His name comes from running with a graffiti group, where he took on the name Kool Herc. 

Music, of course, was always part of his life and growing up in 1970s New York, it was a part of most people’s lives. He got his first sound system which was two turntables connected to amplifiers and speakers. 

DJ Kool Herc Net Worth and Music Career

DJ Kool Herc is the founder of modern hip-hop, which helped him gain a net worth of $100,000. The 70s in The Bronx grappled with gangs in their clubs, with most DJs catering to an older disco crowd. 

The first time DJ Kool Herc performed was when one of his sisters encouraged him to perform at the age of 18 to raise money for back-to-school clothes. By using two discs of the same album on his turntable, he created an extended version of the classical music that people were enjoying in that period. 

This type of music, which separated the instrumental part of the music, formed what makes up Hip-Hop beats today. Using announcers to rhyme overtop of the beats is one of the first instances of modern rapping.

By analyzing how the crowd reacted to the music he was playing, he realized how much they enjoyed and danced to the drum break sections of the songs. 

Using two discs of the same record, DJ Kool Herc could flip back and forth between the two and create an extended version of these sections, which he called “Merry-Go-Round”.

An Example of His Technique

Despite having a major influence on artists of the day, DJ Kool Herc only recently released his first vinyl record called Last of the Classic Beats.

Most of DJ Kool Herc’s net worth can be attributed to his appearances in movies and books.

He appeared in Beat Street, a 1984 motion picture, and various other albums and music videos. 

Personal Life

In the middle of the 1980s, DJ Kool Herc’s father died, which caused the DJ to spiral into cocaine addiction to cope. We don’t know much else about this period of this life. 

Cambell started working in 2007 on preventing the apartment complex he grew up in from being sold to developers. Growing up in this area was a huge factor in becoming the person he is today, and with that building being the birthplace for hip-hop.

In 2008, the city declared it a historic property and kept it from being sold.

In 2011, DJ Kool Herc fell ill, needing to receive surgery for kidney stones. He didn’t have enough money to pay the bills, or any hospital insurance, so his sister had to fundraise to help pay.

Key Takeaways: What We Can Learn from DJ Kool Herc’s Net Worth

We can contribute the net worth of DJ Kool Herc to the fact that he was an innovator. Innovators of any industry will generally be well rewarded.

However, it wasn’t just how DJ Kool Herc changed the way music was played. By analyzing what sections of his songs people enjoyed, he in a way that people would accept his innovations. 

This is important since, a lot of times, innovators are so radical that their inventions never see the light of day. Whether DJ Kool Herc realized it or not, people were craving the music he was creating. At the time, clubs were struggling with gang activity, leaving all of the DJs to perform at uptown bars.

By providing a product that everybody could enjoy, it spread generations and classes. 

However, since DJ Kool Herc was not a recording artist, he didn’t have any record deals or royalties coming in from his music. He is simply a cultural figure. Because of this, he didn’t gain the net worth of some other musicians out there.

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