Drew Houston Net Worth

Drew Houston Net Worth: $2 Billion.

Drew Houston, also known as Andrew W. Houston, is an American Businessman. He has made a name for himself amongst the top entrepreneurs in America thanks to his invention Dropbox.

With his creative mind, Drew Houston made a fortune for himself. It has been reported that the internet entrepreneur is worth approximately $2 billion. Some people might wonder what this young businessman did to earn so much money. The answer is simple, it started with knowledge and ideas to think out of the box and make something different. This is why Dropbox went on to be so successful.  

Net Worth:$2 Billion
Full Name:Andrew W. Houston
Birthplace:Acton, Massachussetts
Birthday:March 4, 1983
Occupation:CEO of Dropbox
Source of Net Worth:Dropbox

Early Life

Drew Houston was born in Massachusetts, United States of America, on March 4th, 1983. Drew’s father was an electrical engineer who had a graduate degree from Harvard University. Houston’s father played an important part in his life. He was the person who gave him inspiration to learn basic programming when Drew first got a computer.

For schooling, Drew went to Action-Boxborough Regional High School. After he graduated from High school, he went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he got a degree in computer science. Drew became a member of an international social fraternity known as “Phi Delta Theta” during his early life. He was an active member of the social fraternity. 

Drew was lucky enough to meet Arash Fredowsi, who became a successful Iranian American entrepreneur when he was in college. Arash is currently the CEO and co-founder of Dropbox, a file-hosting service company. 

Moreover, during his time in college, he showed his skills as a successful entrepreneur when he co-founded an SAT prep company. The company was formed to help college students prepare for the SAT exams.

Drew Houston Net Worth and Career

Before Drew Houston started Dropbox, he worked for multiple companies including, Accolade, Hubspot, and Bit9.

When Drew was 24, he became good at handling internet-related issues; his skill in this department helped him gain success and prosperity. He also worked for multiple startup businesses, mainly those companies that worked on advanced technologies; working for these companies helped him polish his business skill.

In 2007, when he was still 24, he co-founded Dropbox, a file hosting service that our generation uses quite often to store their data. With his ability to think ahead of his time, presence of mind, and impeccable knowledge to run the business in the best way possible, he was made the CEO of Dropbox. Dropbox was his greatest success and became quite popular amongst internet users across the globe. 

Drew Houston on How to Build The Future

The company’s success can be seen by the fact that the company raised capital with a revenue of approximately $10 billion, where currently the company’s value is approximately greater than $350 billion. Drew was given multiple recognitions for the businessman’s work in creating Dropbox, including America’s Richest Entrepreneur under 40 and Founder of the year.  

Thanks to the success of Dropbox and the innovative ideas that Drew brought to make it better, the CEO has an approximate net worth of 2 billion dollars. In 2020 the businessman became a member of the board of directors of the popular social media app Facebook, replacing the CEO of Netflix, who previously was a member but left in May 2019.

Personal Life 

Drew Houston was born in Acton, Massachusetts, USA. His mother, Cecily Houston, is a librarian in a high school. Drew’s father, Ken, was also a Harvard graduate and an engineer. It has been reported that the businessman’s parents taught him that he should do anything as long as he is passionate about it. And once he has committed to something, he shouldn’t back out of it, even when it is tiring, and he hates it.

Looking at Drew’s relationship, it seems that he is single. Still, some reports suggest that he is in a relationship with Princeton graduate CeCe Cheng. CeCe currently handles the PR for Qwiki. Other than software, Drew also likes to sing and was part of the 90’s cover band when he was in college. Other than that, he is quite fond of video games.

Drew was also the founder of the lobbying group FWD.us founded in April 2003 to bring immigration reforms improving the education system in the US. The businessman also showed his political presence in the 2016 elections when he endorsed Hilary Clinton in the 2016 US presidential elections. 

Key Takeaways: What can we learn from Drew Houston’s Net Worth

If we take a close look at the life of Drew Houston, we can easily comprehend how the businessman was able to earn so much money. From the information mentioned above, Drew had good ideas in his mind from a very young age. From co-founding the SAT prep company to reverse engineering games on his computer.

Drew is a smart entrepreneur who looks for ideas and concepts of software that people haven’t thought of. That is why when he made Dropbox, it became an immediate success, and both the co-founders were able to make so much money from the online storage platform.  

There is a lot we can learn from the life of Drew Houston. If we have ideas that don’t make sense to others, we shouldn’t back out of them rather put more effort into it, and we might end up being successful. 

It may not make sense initially, and people might disapprove of it, but anything is possible. Not many people thought that the online storage platform was the team’s need. Still, when it came out in 2007, it became quite popular amongst internet users.

Moreover, as parents, we should support our kids in fulfilling their visions like Drew’s parents did. The vision of our kids could turn into a billion-dollar company. 

The life of Drew Houston has shown how far he has come from being an entrepreneur with small ideas. From making an SAT prep company to being the CEO of one of the most popular online storage platforms. 

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