Guillermo Del Toro Net Worth

Guillermo Del Toro Net Worth: $45 million

Guillermo Del Toro is a Mexican producer and director best known for creating Pan’s Labyrinth and The Shape of Water, which earned Academy Awards. The producer is also famous for making Hollywood blockbusters.

With his amazing talent, Del Toro has gathered a lot of wealth for himself and his family. According to multiple reports, his net worth is around $45 million. It started with talent and vision to make good movies, making multiple Hollywood blockbusters and academy-winning films. 

Net Worth:$45 Million
Full Name:Guillermo del Toro
Birthplace:Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Birthday:October 9, 1964
Occupation:Movie Director
Source of Net Worth:Director Salary

Early Life

Guillermo was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, on 9th October 1964. He was born into a family with Spanish roots, and he was raised in a Catholic house. When he was eight, he started making short films with his father’s Super 8 camera showing a liking for filmmaking at a very young age. After Guillermo graduated from secondary school, he went to study at the University of Guadalajara. 

At the beginning of his career, he released multiple short films before creating his first feature. Early in his career, he also directed and wrote several episodes of La Hora Marcaida’s series during these years. 

Del Toro was a student of Dick Smith, from whom he studied special effects and make-up; Dick was a special effects artist. Guillermo spent ten years working as a special effects make-up artist. He even made his own company of special effects called Cecropia. Guillermo co-founded the Guadalajara International Film Festival. Later, he also formed his own production company called the Tequila gang.

Guillermo Del Toro Net Worth and Career

Mimic was one of Guillermo’s first feature films. For the Mexican filmmaker, the experience was not pleasant. He was granted a $30 million budget to shoot the movie. He later claimed that Miramax had mistreated him; this infuriated Guillermo’s friend James Cameron, who addressed Harvey Weinstein about Guillermo’s treatment at the 70th Academy Awards.

During the early 2000s, Del Toro truly came into his own. One of his first huge Hollywood blockbusters was Blade II. He followed it up in 2004 with the fan-favorite Hellboy. He also released The Devil’s Backbone, a critically lauded film during this time. Pan’s Labyrinth, a similar but distinct film, was released in 2006. The film was nominated for three Academy Awards and cemented Guillermo del Toro’s reputation as a great director.

Del Toro published his debut novel, The Strain, in the late 2000s. Over the next few years, he published two additional books in the apocalyptic vampire genre.

 He was hired to direct the film The Hobbit in 2008; however, Peter Jackson eventually directed the movie himself.

He rose to prominence in the 2010s as the director of blockbusters such as Pacific Rim, which grossed $411 million at the box office. He directed the horror film Crimson Peak in 2015. Following the debut of The Shape of Water in 2017, del Toro was awarded the Academy Award for Best Picture and Best Director. 

Guillermo del Toro began creating Trollhunters on Netflix in the late 2010s. It quickly became one of the platform’s most popular kids’ shows. He declared near the end of the decade that he would be making a gloomy stop-motion film called The Adventures of Pinocchio. Reportedly a reimagining of Mussolini’s ascent to power.

Personal life

Del Toro was married to Lorenza Newton, a cousin of Guadalupe Pineda, a Mexican singer. They are the parents of two girls. When they were both students at the Instituto de Ciencias in Guadalajara, he began dating Lorenza. 

The couple got married in 1986 and stayed married till 2017. Del Toro and Newton divorced in September of the same year after splitting up in early 2017. As a consequence of the divorce, it was reported that Del Toro paid $30 million to his ex-wife in divorce settlement which is approximately half of his net worth. Giving away half of his wealth to his ex-wife is why he has relatively less wealth than directors of similar success. 

He lives in Toronto and Los Angeles maintains a residence in both the cities, and visits his family in Guadalajara every six weeks. In 2021 Del Toro married Kim Morgan, who is a film scholar.

He also has two houses dedicated only to his collection of books, poster artwork, and other work-related items. “As a kid, I fantasized about owning a house with secret passages and a place where it poured 24 hours a day,” he explains. The idea of being over 40 is to achieve the desires you’ve had since you were seven years old.

Key Takeaways: What can we learn from Guillermo Del Toro Net Worth

The life of Guillermo Del Toro clearly shows how he was able to make so much money. From what is written above, it is clear that Guillermo Del Toro had the talent followed by willingness and hard work to achieve whatever he earned in his life. Since a very young Del Toro knew he wanted to pursue filmmaking, and this passion led to him being able to achieve success in filmmaking.

Del Toro worked hard to achieve success. Directing and producing a movie isn’t all he did; he also became a very good special effects artist and made his own company. The filmmaker also wrote several books that were very popular amongst readers. All in all, thanks to his amazing talent, he achieved a lot in his life, which led to him being very rich.   

Getting a divorce is one way to reduce your level of wealth. Finding a partner willing to go through the hard times with you is one trend that we tend to see with wealthy individuals.

We can learn a lot from the life of Guillermo Del Toro. He is an example of how being passionate about something can lead to something if enough effort is put into it. His early struggles with movies and his ability to never give up and believe in himself are something we can learn from his life. Del Toro has come a long way from starting as a short filmmaker to an academy-winning movie director and producer.

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