Gus Malzahn Net Worth

Gus Malzahn Net Worth: $10 Million

Gus Malzahn is an American college football coach and is a former football player. Malzahn was born in 1965 in Irving, Texas, and first played college football for the University of Arkansas, then moved to Henderson State. He began coaching high school football at Hughes High School as a defensive coordinator, then was promoted to head coach. 

Malzahn began coaching the Auburn Tigers when he was then hired at Arkansas State, but he went back to Auburn after a year in 2013, where he had been till 2020 when he moved to the University of Central Florida. By 2014 Malzahn’s coaching record in college football of 29-8 and bowl games was 0-1.

He has received many awards and honors, including AP College Football Coach of the Year honors and the Paul Bear Bryant Award. He published an autobiography named “The Hurry Up, No Huddle: An Offensive Philosophy” back in 2003. 

Net Worth:$10 Million
Full Name:Arthur Gustavo Malzahn III
Birthplace:Irving, Texas
Birthday:October 28, 1965
Occupation:Football Coach
Source of Net Worth:College Football Coach Salary

Early Life

Born in 1965 Irving, Texas, on 28th October 1965, Gus Malzahn went to high school at Fort Smith Christian High School. He later went on to play for the University of Arkansas as a walk-on receiver in 1984 and 1985 but was then transferred to Henderson State University, where he played for two years as a letterman in 1988 and 1989. He graduated university in 1990 with a Bachelor’s degree in physical education, which has helped him in his career as a coach.

He began his career as a coach a year after graduating – in 1991- as a defensive coordinator at Hughes High School. Then a year late, Gus became the high schools’ head coach; by 1994, the high school had managed to reach the state championship; however, the school lost the game at the last minute. 

In 1996 he later became the head coach of the Shiloh Christian School, and in the years that Malzahn worked there, he had managed to make the school one of the most powerful offensive teams in the country. 

Gus Malzahn joined Springdale high school in 2001, and in 2006 he worked as an offensive coordinator and wide receiver coach at Arkansas and spent the next two seasons in Tulsa. In 2011 he made the career choice to become a college football coach and was hired as the head football coach at Arkansas State University. 

Gus Malzahn Net Worth and Career

Once Malzahn chose to be a college football coach, there was no going back. He was hired as the head coach at Arkansas State, and then later, he was hired as the head coach of Auburn University in 2012. They broke their single-season total offense record within his first season of coaching at Auburn University. 

With Gus Malzahn’s help, the Auburn Tigers achieved a record that is still unbeaten, a number 1 ranking after the regular season. And Auburn ended up winning the SEC Championship against South Carolina 56-17.

He later went back to Arkansas State for a season but then returned to Auburn. They had then won the Iron Bowl; it was incredible since it was the greatest turnaround in SEC history. 

Gus Malzahn has been awarded numerous best and amazing coach honors for his amazing performance as a coach. And in 2017, he signed a $49 million contract with Auburn, but in 2020 December, he was fired from Auburn University, where he was bought out of his contract. He now works for the University of Central Florida. 

Personal Life

Malzahn has two daughters with his wife, Kristi Otwell. Gus has been said to be a supportive and protective father. He tries to live a “drama-free” life away from the public eye. He and his wife have a happy marriage even after being together for over 30 years and have no plans to divorce anytime soon. Kristi Otwell is also known for being the unofficial coach since she is always there supporting her husband.

He is famously known for his philosophy of no-huddle, hurry up philosophy, so much so that he published a book about it called “Hurry Up No Huddle – An Offensive Philosophy.” Many National Football League teams have also started using this philosophy in their offensive strategies. 

Key Takeaways: What Can We Learn from Gus Malzahn’s Net Worth

What can we learn from Gus Malzahn? He is an easy-going guy but has a tough and strong demeanor when he’s inaction on the field. He has managed to stay in shape even after being 53 years old and has no plans of stopping anytime soon. 

He has no plans for retirement, and with the way he works, it would come as no surprise that Gus Malzahn’s net worth increased by a few million. His current team is also playing extremely well and might be on track to reach the championship games. 

His history of coaching high schools and college teams shows that he is an extremely capable and talented coach. He built his net worth through hard work, consistency, and skills. 

He is also a very down-to-earth person who still does not want to be put on a pedestal and claims he still has a lot to learn and achieve. And he has the perfect support system to help him succeed, with his family helping from the sidelines.

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