Jane Leeves Net Worth

Jane Leeves Net Worth: $16 Million

Jane Leeves’ net worth is estimated to be around $16 million as of 2022. She is an English actress who is most well known for her role as Daphne Moon on Fraiser, the TV sitcom on NBC. Leeves was even nominated for a Golden Globe and Emmy Award for her performance on the show. Her other US projects include The Event, Murphy Brown, Throb, and many more.

Besides acting in movies, Jane Leeves has also starred in theater plays on Broadway like Cabaret, where she had the role of Sally Bowles. Leeves has also had many voice-acting roles; she has had more voice roles than she has acting roles. Her voice has been used in many animated TV shows and movies like Penguins of Madagascar and Phineas and Ferb.

In addition to acting, Leeves has also started her own baby product and skincare business. Jane Leeves believes in helping those in need, so she has vowed that a certain proportion of the profits from her business will be split between different charity organizations. 

Net Worth:$16 Million
Full Name:Jane Elizabeth Leeves
Birthplace:Salford, England
Birthday:April 18, 1961
Source of Net Worth:Acting Roles

Early Life

Although she was born in Salford, England, Leeves later moved to Ilford Essex and moved to East Grinstead in her early childhood. She has 3 siblings; two sisters, Kathlyn Leeves and a brother. She is a trained ballet dancer from the Bush Davies School of Dance, but she quit ballet due to a severe ankle injury. 

Leeves worked as a model before making her debut in the movie “Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life.” 

Jane Leeves Net Worth and Career

When Jane Leeves made her debut, she had a regular role as part of the Hill’s Angels on The Benny Hill Show. In her scene in Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life, she even used her experience as a ballet dancer and was even featured in a music video by David Lee Roth. However, despite her attempts, she was still unable to establish herself in the industry, but that started to change when she landed the role of Blue in Throb, a popular sitcom.

This producer was a major turning point in her career. After Leeves landed the role of Blue, she had started receiving more offers for her roles and even managed to land a recurring role on the TV series Murphy Brown, where she played the awkward but smart girlfriend of Miles Silverberg.

During this time, she also made several appearances on Seinfeld as Marla the Virgin in 4 episodes. During this time, Jane Leeves had begun to make her debut in the US. She played the role of Holly in the pilot of the US version of Red Dwarf, a science-fiction comedy, and even got a role in the movie “To Live and Die in LA” as an avant-garde dancer and lesbian. 

Then Leeves began working with the TV series Frasier in 1993. She was nominated for an Academy Award for the best-supporting actress and an Emmy for Outstanding Performance as a supporting actress. During her time acting as Mancunian Daphne Moon on the series, Leeves had become pregnant by season 8 of the show, and so the writers decided to include her pregnancy as a stress weight for her character. And later on, Leeves and her co-star Peri Gilpin set up their own production company.

Once Fraiser had ended, Leeves didn’t appear as much on tv and cinema screens but rather used her voice for voice acting or singing. In 1996 she sang and used her voice to act in the animated movie James and the Giant Peach, and in 1999 she did the same for the movie Music of the Heart. By 2002 Jane Leeves performed in Cabaret – a broadway musical. And she even voiced acted for Penguins of Madagascar as a female chimp, Lulu.

After 2010, when Jane Leeves truly hit her peak as an actor, she had a role in 2 episodes of Desperate Housewives. And between 2010 and 2015, she had a main role in Hot in Cleveland, for which she and the rest of the cast were nominated for a Screen Actors Guild award for outstanding performance. Once the show ended in 2015, she took a hiatus for 3 years before returning to the screens on The Resident with a permanent role as Kitt Voss. Jane Leeves’ net worth has accumulated to $16 million through her various performances.

Personal Life

Jane Leeves married her husband Marshall Coben in 1996. Marshall Coben is an executive at CBS Paramount and helped Leeves contact casting directors to help her network among them and eventually aided her in landing acting roles. Peri Gilpin and Jane Leeves are extremely close friends, so much so that they are neighbors in California, and Leeves is even the godmother of her daughter. 

The couple has 2 children together, the first of whom was written into her role on Frasier, and during her delivery, Peri Gilpin was present in the delivery room at the time.

Key Takeaways: What Can We Learn From Jane Leeves’ Net Worth

Jane Leeves is the perfect example of someone hitting the peak of their career later in life. Leeves had begun her career as a ballet dancer in the hopes of becoming successful through it, but due to a severe injury, she had to quit. She continued to work hard and tried her luck as a model, but she still wasn’t content, so she tried working as an actress.

Once she started acting, she had some success; however, it was only in her initial years for small roles. After her initial short-term success, she again struggled to find jobs that would push her into the limelight. When she began voice acting and in the early 2010s, she started becoming more famous and successful, and by this time, she was well into her 40’s.

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