Jordan Burroughs Net Worth

Jordan Burroughs Net Worth: $6 Million

As of 2022, Jordan Burroughs has a net worth of about $6 million. He is a legendary American wrestler who has won an Olympic medal and reigns in various wrestling championships. Burroughs wrestles as a freestyle and folkstyle wrestler. Currently, he competes in the 79-kilo category, but previously he was famous in the 74-kilo category.

Jordan Burroughs won his Olympic gold medal in 2012 for freestyle wrestling and is the four-time champion of the Pan American and US Open National Championship and the 3-time winner of the gold medal for the Pan American Games. Overall, 8-time medalist in the World Championship. 

For folkstyle, he has been the two-time champion for the Nebraska Cornhuskers, and in 2012 he won the Dan Hodge trophy.

He is known as one of America’s greatest freestyle wrestlers. His most famous move is the double leg takedown.

Net Worth:$6 Million
Full Name:Jordan Burroughs
Birthplace:Sicklerville, New Jersey
Birthday:July 8, 1988
Occupation:Olympic Wrestler
Source of Net Worth:Endorsements

Early Life

Born on July 8th in 1988, Jordan Burroughs was born and raised in Sicklerville, New Jersey, in the US. His parents, Janice and Leroy Burroughs raised him in a Christian household with three siblings. As a child, Jordan was never very interested in sports and wrestling, but as he grew up, he gradually enjoyed and loved the sport, enough for him to choose it as his career eventually.

His parents enrolled him in wrestling when he was five years old, and he was the first in his family to get into wrestling. He attended Winslow Township in Camden during high school, where he played three sports; running, American football, and wrestling. In the beginning, he wanted to get into the NFL but gave up on that to become a wrestler in his freshman year while weighing only 130 pounds. 

But Burroughs later moved to Lincoln for his further studies. By the time Jordan was a senior in 2006, he had a record of 115 wins with only 20 losses in comparison. He was already the 3-time district champion and a 2-time regional champion. 

After graduating, he attended the University of Nebraska โ€“ he received a scholarship since the wrestler was ranked at 52nd in the entire country as a senior โ€“ where he completed and received a graduate degree in sociology in 2011.

Jordan Burroughs Net Worth and Career

Jordan Burroughs’s net worth was accumulated through the many championships he’s won and their prize money, but also through different endorsements and sponsorships.

Burroughs started his career while he was still in school, and he wrestled on the school team โ€“ Sunkist Kids. And while initially wresting was not his end goal, he eventually came to this sport. He was the black sheep of his family since no one else was interested in the sport.

He was known as the undefeated two times national champion from the University of Nebraska in the NCAA Division during his university years. And in 2012, he won a gold medal in the Olympics.

Unfortunately, in 2013 he was severely injured, so he took a break from wrestling; during this time, it was uncertain whether Jordan Burroughs would be able to return to the ring, and if he did, then what his performance would be like. 

But he proved everyone wrong; once he returned, he won the Hodge trophy and earned gold medals in the American championship and the Pan American Games.

He was injured again in 2016 during the Brazil Olympics and had to take a break. But he came back the year later and won the World Cup.

Personal Life

Jordan Burroughs grew up in an extremely religious household, and so he is also a very devout Christian. He has said while talking about faith that a gold medal is not as fulfilling as having a strong relationship with Jesus. He went on to say that it is important to be content with what you have and that God has provided for you, regardless of where you are in life.

His sports idols include Serena Williams, Lebron James, Roger Federer, and Naomi Osaka because he admires their skills and work ethic. Once he retires from the wrestling ring, his goal is to own and start his own sports brand for clothes and shoes to lead his life through a different angle. 

He married his long-term girlfriend, Lauren Mariacher. The couple has four children together; Ora, Beacon, Banner, and Rise. They own a luxurious house and even have an Audi A6 as part of their car collection.

Burroughs is a huge football fanatic, and his favorite team is the Buffalo Bills. 

He considered switching careers to MMA fighting but hasn’t because of concerns from his wife and his health because of his previous injuries. However, he does cross-train with various high-profile MMA fighters and related personnel in the community. 

Key Takeaways: What can we learn from Jordan Burroughs’s Net Worth

At the young age of 28, Jordan Burroughs has achieved so much. He is well-known in his profession and even has the title of being one of the best freestyle wrestlers in America. Jordan Burroughs’s net worth is a product of his hard work, determination, and firm beliefs.

He placed his complete faith in God and his religion as he said in an interview that his personal belief is to be content with wherever he is in life. Burroughs focus is not on winning medals and money but rather on doing his best, and it is with that attitude, he has been able to reach the top.

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