Jordin Sparks Net Worth

Jordin Sparks Net Worth: $8 Million

Jordin Sparks is best known for winning American Idol, one of the world’s most prestigious music-based reality shows. She achieved this feat at the age of 17, making her the youngest American Idol winner in the competition’s history. As of 2021, Jordin Sparks’ net worth is around $8 million.

Upon winning the American Idol, Sparks went on to do several albums, most of which were successful. As a matter of fact, she managed to sell millions of copies of her singles. 

Apart from being a singer, she’s also a songwriter, television, and Broadway actor and has released a few perfumes under her brand name. 

Net Worth:$8 Million
Full Name:Jordin Sparks-Thomas
Birthplace:Phoenix, AZ
Birthdate:December 22, 1989
OccupationMusician and Business Owner
Source of Net Worth:Music, Fragrance Line, and Real Estate

Early Life 

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Jordin spent her early life in a Christian household. Her father, Phillippi Sparks, was a professional football player, while her mother, Jodi Sparks, was a housewife. She saw the light of day for the first time back on December 22, 1989. 

Even though she was born in Arizona, Sparks spent her childhood in Ridgewood, New Jersey, growing up with her younger brother. Her mother homeschooled her as she wanted to pursue a singing career at a very early age.

Jordin Sparks was very enthusiastic about music from her childhood, and she first gained attention by singing the national anthem in different sporting events. 

She had her first musical tour at the age of 14 with Alice Cooper. Apart from music, she also tried out modeling back in 2006. But her big break came in American Idol 2007.

Jordin Sparks Net Worth and Career

Jordin got worldwide attention when she managed to win American Idol 2007 at the age of 17, thereby becoming the youngest winner in its history. Soon after that, success followed wherever she went.

Musical Career

The famous Jordin Sparks failed her auditions for American Idol back in Los Angeles. She got another chance to apply from Seattle and eventually got selected there. 

With time, Sparks became more and more popular in the show, with her fans calling themselves ‘sparkplugs.’ Finally, at the age of 17, she won the show and quickly signed a deal with Jive Records. They released her debut album, which was self-titled. 

The album became a hit and managed to achieve platinum status. Following superhits like “No Air,” many of her songs took the charts by a storm — her second album, “Battlefield,” wasn’t as big a hit as the first one, but the song “S.O.S” managed to top the charts for the first time in her career.

She received various accolades throughout her singing career, including the People’s Choice Award, Teen’s Choice Award, and NAACP Awards. Her song “No Air” with Chris Brown was a superhit in the ’09s. Apart from that, she also won the B.M.I. Pop Award both as a singer and as a songwriter.

Acting Career

Sparks was very keen to be a part of Hollywood since she was a kid, and she made her acting debut back in 2009 as a cameo appearance. Her Broadway debut came when she starred in the Broadway classic “In the Heights.” 

She made her proper film debut as a lead role in the movie “Sparkle” and continued her acting career with movies like “Left Behind” and “Dear Secret Santa.” 

We’ve recently seen her doing guest appearances in shows like C.S.I., Hell’s Kitchen, and others.

Brand Endorsement

Jordin earned a good amount of money through her worldwide album sales, but she didn’t waste the money. 

She instead supplemented the income from acting and music sales and invested it in different brand endorsements. Back in 2008, she had a partnership with a company named Avon as she promoted “Mark,” their teen-focused beauty line. 

She also collaborated with Wet Seal and went for her very own clothing line called “Sparks.”

But her business brain didn’t stop right there- she got interested in the fragrance business and made a fragrance line of her own named “Because of You.” 

The perfume was a success with its reasonable prices, and soon Sparks released another product- Fascinate. It was followed by “Ambition,” but none were as famous as the first one.

Real Estate

Sparks also showed keen interest in real estate, as she put her Hollywood Hills house up for sale back in January, making a profit of nearly 0.35 million. So eventually, the buyer was a happy man! Her house has a living space of 2500 square feet, and you’d get to see the Hollywood sign from the windows.

Personal Life 

Jordin Sparks started dating Jason Derulo back in 2010 and was a very public couple. Sparks was a part of many Jason Derulo tours and shared the stage with him on multiple occasions. 

Jordin Sparks on Splitting Up

They were quite a pair, but their relationship came to an end in 2014. None of them took the split normally, as they traded blows on each other on social media.

She married Dana Isaiah, a fitness model, in 2017. She was with a child within three months of their marriage. She gave birth to her first child, Dana Isaiah Thomas Jr., in 2018. As of now, the couple lives in peace and harmony with their toddler. 

Key Takeaways: Learning from Jordin Sparks Net Worth

Having a net worth over $8 million is not easy, and even celebrities often face difficulties investing their hard-earned money in the right places. While it is true that Jordin Sparks doesn’t hit the headlines these days like she did last decade, she’s still relevant due to her smart business decisions. 

Her acting career was a mixed bag, but her musical career, especially the popularity of her debut album, was sky-high. That was why she could earn money from the album sales. 

But she didn’t spend them on expensive stuff; she invested them in different brands, made a perfume brand of her own, and even went a bit on the real estate business too. 

Trying out different ways to utilize her money made her a millionaire at such a young age, and she plans to get richer with time!

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