King Bach Net Worth

King Bach Net Worth: $3 Million

King Bach’s net worth is approximately $3 million. King Bach’s real name is Andrew B. Bachelor. He is a popular American-Canadian comedian, actor, and internet star โ€“ he rose to fame on the now nonoperational video-sharing app Vine. He had 11.3 million followers; thus, he has the highest number of followers on the platform. He chose the pseudonym King Bach because he played an extremely animated and bubbly character in his video. 

Bach later tried out acting, and he was first recognized in the Black Jesus series in 2014. He slowly rose to fame by starring in popular mainstream movies like the teen romance movie To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and When We First Met and comedy films like Fifty Shades of Black. Bach has even been nominated for 3 Streamy Awards

Net Worth:$3 Million
Full Name:Andrew B. Bachelor
Birthplace:Toronto, Ontario
Birthday:June 26, 1988
Source of Net Worth:Sponsorships

Early Life

He was born in Toronto, Ontario, in the Rexdale neighborhood on June 26th, 1988. Andrew Bachelor was the only son of his Jamaican parents, Byron Bachelor and Ingrid Maurice; he has a younger sister, Christina. His parents were very strict and raised him and his sister in a traditional Christian household. When Bach was two years old, the family moved to Florida in West Palm Beach.

When they were in Florida, Bach attended Coral Springs Charter School during middle and high school. Once he graduated from high school, he attended Florida State University, where he received a sports scholarship and competed in sports like the high jump. 

He ranked among the top 15 NCCA high jumpers throughout his sports career, with a personal record of 7 feet 2.5 inches. He was even part of an elite university comedy sketch group called the 30in60 and was a Phi Beta Sigma fraternity member.

Andrew Bachelor graduated in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in Business management. He later enrolled at the New York Film Academy for a graduate program, but he dropped out last semester and enrolled at The Groundlings to study improv theatre. 

King Bach Net Worth and Career

Bach began his career on the then-popular video-streaming app Vine where he amassed more than 11 million followers. He was given the title of “person with the highest number of followers” in 2015 March. He was initially introduced to the app by Brittany Furlan and posted his first video in 2013. He even starred in multiple music video parodies by Bart Baker as Pharrell Williams in Happy, Tupac in the parody of Big Girls Cry by Sia, and many others. 

After his vine career ended and Vine sold the app, King Bach continued his career on Youtube through his channel โ€“ BachelorsPadTv. Bach has even been approached about posting sponsored Vines, which he charges $1000 for every 100,000 followers, and has been covered by online publications like FSU News. Bach ended up singing and working with UTA โ€“ a talent agency โ€“ and landed a role on House of Lies through his fame. He went on to have a recurring role on Wild’ n Out and a regular role on Black Jesus, but more famously a recurring role on The Mindy Project.

In more recent news, King Bach starred in the popular horror movie “The Babysitter,” and he returned with the same role in the film’s sequel “The Babysitter: Killer Queen.” He rejoined the next two movies as Lara Jean’s gay best friend. Bach even had a supporting role in the Netflix teen romance “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” where he played the role of Greg, one of the boys who received a letter. 

Then in early 2019, King Bach released two singles from his debut album called “Medicine,” which was released later in the same year. He released the songs on YouTube, SoundCloud, and Spotify later. Many of King Bach’s songs have been used as TikTok sounds, of which Bach would duet the best ones. 

Personal Life

Andrew B. Bachelor is known for his charming and cool personality, which he shared through his Vine videos; However, he may seem excited and hyperactive in his videos; in reality, he has a very calm and collected demeanor. A common recurring theme in his Vine and YouTube videos is comedy. He plays characters that resemble cartoons and uses his pseud personality “King Bach” to connect to his audience. He even uses his experience in sports and athletics to do backflips and acrobats to do some of his common stunts. 

Bachelor uses his social and outgoing personality to his advantage and has worked with notable celebrities and internet personalities to help boost his channel and gain more followers. Brittany Baker introduced him to Vine, and the two have worked together on multiple projects ever since and are a well-known comedic duo. He even dated Liana Valenzuela โ€“ a famous actor, dancer, singer, model, and a previous Vine personality โ€“ for a while before they broke up a few years back.

Besides acting, Andrew Bachelor is a great philanthropist; he co-owns a foundation with Christina’s sister, called “RuJohn.” The foundation rescues and helps children affected by poverty in America and Jamaica by providing basic necessities like food, shelter, clothing, school supplies, and money for school fees. And during festivals and holidays like Christmas and Easter, they even provide free meals and gifts for families who can’t afford them.

King Bach’s net worth isn’t $3 million just because of acting; he even started his own production company where he directs, performs, and produces his work. He produced the short film “Agent Steele” in 2011, featured in Dateline by NBC.

Key Takeaways: What Can We Learn From King Bach’s Net Worth

What can we learn from King Bach’s net worth? According to the man himself, he lives by three lessons;

  1. You’re not lazy; you’re just saving energy
  2. When you do nothing, you never know when to stop
  3. If you make mistakes, keep making them because eventually, things will work out.

From this mantra, we can see that King Bach has a very relaxed approach to life, but he is constantly working and does not appreciate people who don’t work. 

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