Les Stroud Net Worth

Les Stroud Net Worth: $8 Million

Les Stroud has a net worth of $8 Million, which he earned as a musician, survival expert, and filmmaker. However, the Canadian-born Stroud is most well known as the writer, producer, creator, director, host, and cameraman of his TV series Survivorman. In honor of his role as a survival expert, Scouts Canada named Les Stroud as Chief Scout on 22nd November 2021.

After a brief behind-the-scenes musical career, Stoud became a survival instructor, wilderness guide, and musician. He has produced many survival-themed programs for The Discovery Channel, YTV, The Science Channel, and The Outdoor Life Network. Many people have claimed that because of Stroud, they know and have survived in the wild in emergencies. 

Net Worth:$8 Million
Full Name:Les Stroud
Birthplace:Mimico, Ontario
Birthday:October 20, 1961
Occupation:Reality Film Producer and Musician
Source of Net Worth:Royalty From TV

Early Life

Born in Mimico, Ontario, Stroud attended Mimico High School. Once he graduated high school, Les enrolled at Fanshawe College in Ontario for their Music Industry Arts Program. 

After he completed his program at college, he worked at the Toronto-based music channel “MuchMusic” for several years. He was a songwriter for New Regime โ€“ his band at the time. Stroud was also working as a garbage collector in Toronto. He decided it was time for a career change after a trip to the Temagami canoe.

Les Stroud met his wife Sue Jamison, a photographer, on one of his tours; they were married soon after in 1994 when they went on a honeymoon for a year. In 1990, Stroud had decided to become a guide for the Black Feather Wilderness Adventures that took people on canoe tours in Northern Ontario. 

They visited the remote areas of Wabakimi in Ontario, which he then based his documentary Snowshoes and Solitude on.

Once they were back from their honeymoon, they moved to the northwest territories โ€“ specifically Yellowknife โ€“ where Stroud worked as an outdoor instructor for aboriginal descent individuals with special needs. Stroud was inspired by how popular Survivor was. 

He pitched The Discovery Channel Canada the idea of a more genuine and realistic version of the show. They agreed to 2 short program specials in 2001, which were a huge success and ultimately led to the creation of Survivorman.

Les Stroud Net Worth and Career

When Les and Sue Stroud had gone on their year-long honeymoon, the two fell in love with the wilderness, deciding to stay up there. They built a wooden cabin for the winter using tools their friends had given them earlier. However, they moved back to the city later on.

Les Stroud had documented their experiences living in the wild for over a year. He produced a 50-minute long documentary, “Snowshoes and Solitude,” which at the Muskoka Film Festival was named best documentary and at the Waterwalker Film Festival was awarded Best Film.

Then in 2001, after Stroud aired the two specials on The Discovery Channel Canada, the episodes were a huge hit with the audience, and he was then invited to produce more

Stroud made 23 episodes for the show, whose pilot episode was released in 2004. He produced the episodes himself, but Les also composed the theme song for the show and performed it. 

Stroud was invited to produce another special in 2006 documenting his family’s experiences living off the grid. Following this, Stroud has made guest appearances on many talk shows, including but not limited to; The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Larry King Live, The View, and more. 

Since then, Stroud has hosted various survival shows and has taught countless children and people how to survive in the wild in emergency cases. And while he is mostly known for Survivorman, Les stroud has also produced some music. In 2005 and 2006, he collaborated with The Northern Pikes, who worked under Les Stroud and the Pikes.

Personal Life

Les and Sue were initially friends before they started dating and eventually married in 1994. After moving around early in Stroud’s marriage, Les and Sue eventually settled in Huntsville, Ontario. 

The couple had tried to live a Paleolithic life in the Canadian wilderness living off of fruits and nuts; however, after their first miscarriage, they moved back to urban life. They had two children together; Raylan and Logan. Raylan is the eldest is more reserved and camera-shy compared to her brother. The latter does not hesitate to join his father on excursions and adventures.

Les and Sue had started their own business after settling down. Wilderness Spirit Productions, the company the duo founded, is a media company.” However, the couple separated in 2008, after being married for 14 years, for reasons they have not disclosed to the public. 

Before becoming the outdoors expert that he is known as โ€“ and the reason Les Stroud’s net worth is $8 million โ€“ he had initially trained under David Arama, a veteran in the field. An avid fan of the outdoors and a participant in all activities related to being outside, Stroud has competed in the Canadian championships for adventure racing. 

Key Takeaways: What Can We Learn from Les Stroud’s Net Worth

Les Stroud’s story is very eccentric; not often hear about individuals who have a net worth of $8 million through being a survival instructor. 

Stroud has always followed his passions, and money was never a concern. He focused on doing what made him happy and content, which was to be in the wild, and he used that to make himself successful. 

From the beginning, Stroud knew that he wanted to pursue music and to stay close to the wilderness, and he stuck to his dreams and achieved it. 

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