Lil Tecca Net Worth

Lil Tecca Net Worth: $3 Million

Lil Tecca is an American singer, songwriter, and rapper, who as of 2022, has a net worth of $3 million. He rose to fame in 2017 after dropping the single “Ransom,” which managed to reach number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song also gained more than 400 million plays on Spotify. He later released his mixtape “We Love You Tecca,” which featured the hit on it as well; The mixtape also reached fourth on the US Billboard 200.ย 

He released his debut with Galactic and Republic records in 2019. The mixtape peaked at #3 in Canada, #15 in the UK, and #13 in Australia. 

Some of his other popular singles include “Shots,” “Out of Luck,” and “Did it Again.” He released his second album in 2020, called “Virgo World,” and it peaked at number 10 on the Billboard 200, which two songs in the Billboard Hot 100. He then released a second mixtape in 2021.ย 

Net Worth:$3 Million
Full Name:Tyler-Justin Anthony Sharpe
Birthplace:Queens, New York City, NY
Birthday:August 26, 2022
Source of Net Worth:Record Deals

Early Life

His real name is Tyler-Justin Anthony Sharpe. The 19-year old rapper was born in Queens, New York, on 26th August 2002. His parents are Jamaican immigrants that settled in New York City. Sharpe was initially raised in Springfield Gardens in Queens, but he soon moved to Cedarhurst, Long Island. 

Sharpe had wanted to be a basketball player and join the NBA as a child. At the age of 12, Tyler had changed his mind during middle school and wanted to focus only on his music career. 

But when Sharpe was just nine years old, he and his friends began rapping on their Xbox mics. The group would make diss tracks for each other; one accidentally got uploaded on Soundcloud โ€“ and it has since been deleted.

Lil Tecca Net Worth and Career

After messing around with music with his friends, Tyler had started to take music more seriously. By the time he was in middle school, he had decided that he wanted a music career. He had lost all his interest in basketball by the time he was 12.

During an interview with Cufboys โ€“ a popular Youtube channel โ€“ Sharpe expressed that he got the inspiration for his stage same “Lil Tecca,” from his friend Tecca because they had the same name on Instagram and as a nickname, she called him Lil Tecca. 

He made and released his debut single independently in 2017, then through Republic and Galactic Records. He gained some popularity with his song “Tectri,” which he collaborated with his friend, Lil Gummybear. He soon released more songs like “My Time,” “Rags to Riches,” and “Callin.”

 Within a year, Tecca released Ransom which was the beginning of Lil Tecca’s career. With more than 300 million plays on Spotify, peaking at fourth on the Billboard Hot 100, and more than 100 million views on Youtube. The song was released on 22nd may in 2019, and the music video was released on the same day.

On 30th August in the same year, Lil Tecca released his first mixtape, releasing it again through Republic Records. The mixtape was named “We Love You Tecca” and contained his hit song Ransom and other popular songs like Molly girl, Shots, and Out of Luck. The mixtape peaked at 4th on the Billboard 200. Outside the United States, the tape had reached the music charts of Canada, Norway, the UK, and other countries.

In 2020 he released many singles, and his debut album is called “Virgo World.” Then in 2021, he released a single on 26th April called “Show Me Up,” and one on 6th May called “Never Let,” which reached 54th on the Billboard Hot 100.

In 2021, on 6th August, Lil Tecca collaborated with Gunna โ€“ the American rapper โ€“ on the song “Repeat It.” Then two weeks later, he released the sequel to We Love You Tecca, which was his second album. 

Personal Life

Born and raised in New York to Jamaican immigrants, Lil Tecca grew up with many cultural influences. When he was 12, Sharpe decided to focus on music rather than basketball as a career.

Once he released his first few songs and started gaining some popularity, Tecca told his fans that he was struggling to juggle his studies and his music career. 

Tyler is still in high school and is still deciding whether to apply for university or focus solely on his music.

He is quite famous on social media and active on multiple social media platforms. Lil Tecca has more than 2 million followers on Instagram and over 1 million subscribers on Youtube. 

Key Takeaways: What We Can Learn From Lil Tecca’s Net Worth

At just 19-years old, Lil Tecca’s net worth has reached more than $3 million. He started his career when he was only 12 years old, yet he has become successful. 

He began making music to express himself, and through that, he has been able to become popular.

We can learn a few lessons by looking at Lil Tecca’s net worth and career.

  1. Invest in yourself and not in external matters
  2. Be true to yourself โ€“ don’t try and force yourself to be someone you’re not.
  3. Life is a test made to help us realize that we are in charge of our destiny and life.

These lessons have helped Tyler achieve his goals at such a young age.

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