Louis Gossett Jr. Net Worth

Louis Gossett Jr. Net Worth: $3 Million

Louis “Lou” Cameron Gossett Jr. has a net worth of $3 million as of 2021. He is an American thespian and actor who is most well-known for his part in the 1982 movie “An Officer and a Gentleman,” He won an Academy Awards for best supporting actor. In 1977 he was awarded an Emmy as Fiddler in the ABC TV mini-series “Roots.” 

With an acting career that spans over more than fifty years, Gossett jr. has played many remarkable characters in different movies and genres over the years. With movies ranging from “The Laughing Policeman” to “Toy Soldiers” to “Jaws 3-D” under his belt, Lou Gosset has managed to become a household name.ย 

Net Worth:$3 Million
Full Name:Louis Cameron Gosset Jr.
Birthplace:Brooklyn, New York
Birthday:May 27, 1936
Source of Net Worth:Acting Salary

Early Life

Born and raised in Sheepshead Bay, in Brooklyn, New York, in 1936, Louis Gossett graduated from Abraham Lincoln High School. During a school adaptation of “You Can’t Take It with You,” at 17, Gossett made his stage debut; after suffering through a sports wound, Gossett took an acting class since he needed the credits to graduate polio had hindered his graduation already. 

In 1953, a year before graduating high school, Gossett’s teacher had encouraged him to audition for a Broadway play called “Take a Giant Step.” He was 1 of the 200 people selected to participate in the play, which kick-started his passion for pursuing theater.

Once he graduated from Abraham Lincoln High School, he was offered a chance to play varsity basketball at New York University โ€“ his height was a major advantage with him standing at 1.85 meters or 6’1″ โ€“ and was even offered a scholarship. However, Gossett rejected the opportunity to focus on theater and acting. 

Louis Gossett Jr. Net Worth and Career

After Bill Gunn had replaced Gossett in “Take a Giant Step,” the Broadway play, it was nominated by The New York Times drama reviewers as part of the top ten best shows of the year. At the time, Louis Gosset jr. was only 17, still in high school, with no professional training. He has also starred in another Broadway production called “A Raisin in the Sun” in 1959 and made his first cinematic appearance in the play’s movie version in 1961.

In the same year โ€“ 1961 โ€“ he performed along with the original actors of “The Blacks,” the longest-running production off-Broadway of the ’60s. Then in 1965, he also played a role in a musical, and in the next year, he wrote an antiviolence folk song with Richie Havens called “Handsome Johnny.”

While Gossett was already under the eyes of critics, it was the 1977 TV mini-series “Roots” and his role as Fiddler that brought him to the audience’s attention and won him an Emmy Award. Gossett was the first Black man to be awarded an Oscar for a supporting role, the second Black man to win one for acting, and finally, the third Black person to win an award overall. 

He won these awards for his role in the 1982 movie “An Officer and a Gentleman” as drill instructor Gunnery Sergeant Emil Foley.

Throughout the decades, he continued acting in various films and TV series with varying success, all of which have added up to make Louis Gosset’s net worth. In 1986 he starred in the movie “Iron Eagle,” which had three sequels. Louis even had a role in Marvel’s film adaptation of “The Punisher” in the same year.

In more recent years, Gossett has appeared in many movies to raise awareness about social and mental health issues such as Alzheimer’s in his project with “Not to Forget” and racism in the controversial film “Boiling Point.” 

Personal Life

Louis Gossett Jr. has gotten married three times, has one biological son and one adopted son. He first married Hattie Glascoe, which was then annulled. Louis then married Christina Mangosing on 21st August 1973, with whom Louis had a son within 1974, but then in 1975 got divorced. His last marriage was to Cyndi James-Reese, a Star Search Champion, on 25th December 1987, with whom he adopted a son, Sharron, who was born in 1977. They later divorced in 1992.

He even has a cousin who works as an actor โ€“ Robert Gossett featured in TNT’s show “The Closer.”

Gossett also stands by his beliefs very strongly, speaking up about the racism he has faced recounting an incident in 1966 where he had been chained to a tree for 3 hours by the police.

In 2010 he told the public that he had prostate cancer, but he was likely to make an early and full recovery since doctors found it in the early stages. 

Key Takeaways: What can we learn from Louis Gossett Jr.’s Net Worth

What are important lessons we can learn from Louis Gossett’s life? We can see that he is a man who sticks to his beliefs even in the face of opposition. Gossett grew up and started his career when rampant discrimination and racism in America; however, he pushed past that. With his talent and belief in himself, he was the first Balck man to win an Oscar for a supporting role.

Louis didn’t let anything stop him, even after being tied to a tree by police. Despite that, he pushed through it and stuck to his beliefs. And this is why Louis Gossett’s net worth is $3 million, because of his persistence and resilience. 

He built himself up from nothing through discipline and sheer determination. Gossett did not have the privileges others at his time had, and yet he is now a household name and has starred in films that have been blockbuster hits and in TV shows that raise awareness of issues he believes are important. 

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