Mike DeWine Net Worth

Mike DeWine is a career politician who took office as the Governor of Ohio on January 14th, 2019. Before serving as the Governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine was Ohio’s Attorney General from 2011-2019. Mike DeWine’s net worth is $37 million. 

Mike DeWine Net Worth$37 Million
Full NameRichard Michael DeWine
Birth DateJanuary 5, 1947
Birth PlaceYellow Springs, OH
ProfessionOhio Governor

Early Life

Mike DeWine was born in Yellow Springs, Ohio, a small town with just under 4,000 people. He was raised in an Irish Catholic family, which may do with his conservative viewpoints on same-sex marriage, marijuana, and other hot political topics. 

DeWine has lived in Ohio his whole life, going to Miami University, located in Oxford, Ohio. There, he got a Bachelors’s degree in education. Later on, Mike DeWine received his doctorate in law from the law college at Ohio Northern University in Ada, Ohio.

In the 1920s, Mike DeWine’s grandparents opened a seed store in the city where he was raised. DeWine Seeds was the first job that Mike DeWine ever had, stenciling seed bags. The company grew over time and expanded to multiple states in the midwest. 

Mike had another brother, who unfortunately passed away shortly after he was born, leaving Mike to be the only surviving child of his parents.

Mike Dewine Net Worth and Political Career

Mike DeWine built a net worth of $37 million for himself through his career as a politician. You may be asking yourself how a governor like Mike DeWine has such a high net worth.

Mike was the only surviving child of the family. His grandparents had a successful seed business which eventually grew into another business called Ohio Twine Co. Once his grandparents sold the business, they passed along this wealth to him. 

Nonetheless, he has had a successful political career that starts at the age of 25. DeWine began his career as an assistant prosecuting attorney, utilizing his degree from Ohio Northern University

He was elected as county prosecutor for Greene County in Ohio, serving a four-year term from 1976-1980. After his term, DeWine was elected on a two-year term for the state of Ohio’s Senate. He stayed on the 7th district of Ohio’s representatives until 1991. d

Later on, he would serve on the United States Senate from Ohio from 1995-2007. After his career in the Senate, DeWine took jobs teaching government classes at his alumni schools. 

In 2010, DeWine was elected as Ohio’s 50th attorney general, where he served until 2019, when he was elected as Ohio’s 70th governor. 

Mike Dewine Personal Life

Mike DeWine lives in the Whitelaw Reid house in Cedarville, Ohio. The Whitelaw Reid house, built by famous Ohio journalist, United States Ambassador, and vice-presidential candidate to Benjamin Harrison, Whitelaw Reid. 

The house was placed on the national list of historical places for its ornate architecture.

DeWine is still married to his wife Frances, who tied the knot in 1967. Together they have had eight children. Mike DeWine’s net worth was used to purchase the Ashville Tourists in 2010, a minor league baseball team in Ashville, North Carolina.

Key Takeaways: Things We Can Learn From Mike Dewine’s Net Worth

You may be wondering how a governor like Mike DeWine gains a net worth of $37 million. Most politicians and people in power tend to have net worths that exceed their salaries.

Because most of his wealth was passed down from when his grandparents sold the family business, in this case, Mike DeWine was born into fortunate circumstances. 

While most of Mike DeWine’s net worth stems from his grandparents’ legacy, there were also some smart choices Mike made throughout his career that allowed him to keep a lot of that net worth close. 

Most prominently is that DeWine stayed on the same career path since he graduated college. Doing this builds up a reputation of expertise in an industry. People who are experts in a particular field are typically well rewarded. 

By purchasing the Ashville Tourists, DeWine has diversified his net worth. Ashville is a growing community, growing 11% since the last census in 2010. No matter how it is done, investing in a growing community has helped Mike DeWine expand the net worth he inherited.

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