Naomi Osaka Net Worth

Naomi Osaka Net Worth: $60 Million

Naomi Osaka is known for playing tennis professionally. She rose to fame in 2014 when she was just 16, and she was able to win against a champion in her first Women’s Tennis Association match at that! She is a player from Japan who made a name for herself by performing amazingly in all her tennis games. 

Most people strive to get by at such an age, but by the time she turned 21, she had won Grand Slam Title in 2018 and carried to do so for four consecutive years. She is no ordinary person.  

The player has accumulated a huge some for herself and her family. Our extensive research suggests that the exact number of her net worth is $60 million. That amount of money is much more than most people could dream of spending in their lifetime. 

We couldn’t help but wonder how people can achieve so much at an age where most of the world is just starting off their careers. Early in her life, Naomi had started grooming herself to such a level that now she is reportedly the Highest-Paid Female Athlete Ever. All of this took a huge amount of willpower, dedication, and a strong-driven attitude to take challenges head-on.

Net Worth:$60 Million
Full Name:Naomi Osaka
Birthplace:Osaka, Japan
Birthday:October 16, 1997
Occupation:Professional Tennis Player
Source of Net Worth:Endorsements and Winnings

Early Life

On October 16th, 1997, in the home of Tamaki Osaka and Leonard François in the city named same as her surname, an extremely talented child was born that was named Naomi Osaka. Naomi has an elder sister, Maria Osaka, a professional tennis player. Both of the sisters were named after their mother’s side for practical reasons, to make their lives easier in Japan. 

Naomi Osaka started playing tennis when she was three years old. By the time Naomi turned three, her family had moved from Japan to the United States. She was brought up in the US, but she represents Japan on the pitch. 

Naomi and her family decided to live in Long Island with her paternal grandparents. When she was three years old, the entire family migrated from Japan to the USA. The two sisters learned to play tennis and pursued it further. After witnessing Serena Williams play against Venus in the late 1990s in the Roland-Garros or The French Open Tournament, Naomi’s father saw how their dad trained them, and he decided to do the same for his girls. 

When the aspiring tennis player was 10 years old, her family shifted to the southern part of the US, where she and her sister practiced the game with their father during the day. They attended a public school in New York but were homeschooled in Florida. While Naomi’s father helped develop her skills in tennis and educated the girls at home, her mother took charge of the household and supported the entire family. 

The Japanese side of Naomi’s family was initially skeptical that playing tennis would reward her much, but when she succeeded, they changed their minds.

Naomi Osaka Net Worth and Career 

Much to the resemblance of her fellow athletes, Naomi’s career also began when she was just a child, and it saw great heights. She is honored to be number one in the Women’s Tennis Association singles and is the first Asian player to reach this top spot.

 She was also the first woman to win a series of Grand Slam singles titles since Serena Williams in 2015. Naomi is one of the most marketable female athletes globally and is the highest-ever female athlete with a net worth of $60 Million. She is known to be the Highest-Paid Female Athlete Ever. 

Along with being paid highly, she has also won seven titles on the Women’s Tennis Association Tour, two of which are Premier Mandatory Levels.

One of the greatest sources of Naomi’s motivation was her sister. She always aspired to be as great as her sister, and the player even reported that it took the younger sister twelve years to win against her older sister twelve years. Naomi reported to CNN. Mari would have also succeeded in tennis alongside her sister if she had the same fortunes, but certain unfortunate injuries held her back. 

It is not a surprise that her net worth is around $60 Million. One must have such an uprising career with a striving and dedicated attitude. It is a matter of huge respect and honor to be getting paid so handsomely at the mere age of 24 for your dedication and success.

Personal Life

Osaka was shy and discreet in the earlier moments of the Women’s Tennis Association tour. Her ex-trainer thought that the player was very mysterious and intriguing. Sascha Bajin once mentioned that she initially thought Naomi was arrogant and self-centered because she did not talk much to anyone. 

But then she grew to learn that the girl was just shy.

Naomi is also related to very open and dry humor. In her winning speech when she was triumphant in the Indian Wells Masters tournament in 2018, she got a little awkward, but her speech was still amusing even though Naomi thought that there was much more that she could have said. Nevertheless, she still took to different platforms to give credit and praise to the people who deserved it, for example, her opponent and her sponsors who believed in her. 

Naomi has been dating Cordae, formerly known as YBN Cordae, for about two years. According to Naomi, he has been an integral part of her life. He has been very supportive. 

She once mentioned that she face-timed him because she was sad. She later realized that he caught a flight right after the call, stayed quarantined in a hotel for 5 days to meet her and cheer her up. 

Key Takeaways: What Can We Learn From Naomi Osaka’s Net Worth

The tale of how Naomi Osaka began her career as a tennis player has inspired people in America or Japan, and the rest of the world. From her story, it is quite evident that she struggled for what she has achieved in her life. 

None of it came from a life of privilege. From the age of three, she has been practicing tennis. The time and dedication required are immense, but she never gave up.

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