Nicole Eggert Net Worth

Nicole Eggert Net Worth: $500,000

Nicole Eggert is one who reached popularity before even growing up. Popular since her early childhood, Nicole Eggert became an actress. Nicole starred has been credited to 73 roles in television and film in her entire career. 

Nicole Eggert quickly rose to fame when she was just five years old. She continued her acting as a profession for several years until 2014. She retired from acting as a career in 2014 but continued to appear in several shows and still played a few roles here or there. A few of the most notable roles that Nicole Eggert has played in her career are Jamie Powell in Charles in Charge and also Summer Quinn in Baywatch, among several others. Nicole Eggert currently has a net worth of around $500 thousand.

Net Worth:$500,000
Full Name:Nicole Eggert
Birthplace:Glendale, California
Birthdate:January 13, 1972
Source of Net Worth:Acting Salary

Early Life

Nicole Eggert was born on January 13, 1972. She comes from Glendale, California, and was born to Gina Duncan, a talent agent, and her father, Rolf Eggert, an executive. 

Nicole comes of a British-European descend. Since her mother was a talent agent, she spared no time when she saw potential in her child. Nicole entered several beauty contests when she was just a little girl. But she was made for it. Nicole Eggert secured the Little Miss California Universe title at the age of five.

Another talent agent, much like her mother, discovered Nicole Eggert and offered her a role in a television commercial for Johnson’s Baby, which was and still is an extremely established and famous company. That is when the world started taking notice of her. From then on, Nicole was offered roles and modeling offers. 

Her mother launched Nicole’s career earlier than anyone could ever dream of. This is one of the reasons why she could not continue her schooling, and we could not find much information on her education. 

Nicole Eggert Net Worth and Career

Nicole received several offers after her crowning as Little Miss California Universe 1976. One of the notable ones of those were Johnson’s Baby commercials. Afterward, Nicole starred in two television movies named When Hell was in Session and She Was Bad

These movies were released in 1979 when Nicole was just seven years old. At the age of nine in 1981, the actress was cast as 8-year-old Debbie in her first-ever movie, Rich and Famous. She was a face meant to be seen on the big screen for sure!

Nicole Eggert appeared on several television series and movies from 1979 to 1985. She made her place in the American sitcom Who’s the Boss as Marci Ferguson and appeared in seven episodes in a year. Nicole’s big break was her role of Jamie Powell on Charles in Charge. She played the role of the main character from season two of the sitcom until its final episode in 1990, which was the show’s fifth season.

She received the Young Artists Award in the Exceptional Performance by a Young Actress in a Television Comedy Series category for that role. She was nominated two more times for that role in different categories. That is when fame hit Nicole. She was receiving roles left, right, and center. 

Nicole Eggert then appeared on television as award show hosts, celebrity contestants of television game shows, and much more. At 21, she was also the main cast on the popular action-drama series Baywatch. Nicole also appeared in several famous television series like Gilmore Girls and Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and the number of movies she has appeared in is huge. In 2014, Nicole Eggert reportedly had a monthly income of $15,000.

Personal Life

Previously we mentioned that Nicole Eggert had a monthly income of $15,000. Nicole was briefly married to Justin Herwick, a former actor. They have one daughter together. Nicole also has another daughter. Things took a different turn for the once-famous actress, and she found herself in crushing debt that amounted to $805,000.

That was reported when Nicole filed for bankruptcy in 2013. She filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which one judge approved after two had already rejected her claim.

The actress made several serious lifestyle adjustments. She sold her comfortable and luxurious 9000 sq. ft. home in LA studio for $1,150,000. Nicole started running an ice-cream truck to pay for the additional expenses that her income could not cover between acting jobs.

In 2019, Nicole appeared in another reality series called Back in the Game. This show helps performers take charge of their life after a few bad turns. Things started looking up for the actress when she started booking roles again and making her comeback. A survey of her Instagram profile showed that she is part of a project currently in the works, and we will get to see it in early 2022.

Key Takeaways: What can we learn from Nicole Eggert’s Net Worth

Nicole Eggert had a great support system growing up. She had a mother who saw potential in her daughter, and Nicole ensured that she would reach up to those expectations set for her. Nicole is one of the examples who rose to fame in her earlier years and was at the peak in her late teenage year and into her early twenties. 

Nicole struggled a lot in life, but she returned stronger every time. She did not let the wrongs in her life bring her down. The strength that the actress showed during her trying times is inspiring. Some difficult decisions had to be made, and Nicole did that. Some things motivate us in life to be better. Her daughters are the stimuli that she needs to make her life better, and she needs to do it for her daughters.

Nicole worked hard in her acting career, but she also faced several challenges in her life. We can learn from Nicole the strength that she has shown and the willingness to take the initiative to turn her life around. It is that kind of drive that we can all use in our life.

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